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Join a coalition of architects, clients, professionals and the public campaigning for a better built environment in the city and society.

Architecture Foundation members are at the heart of our work - initiating and supporting interdisciplinary critical debate surrounding architecture, politics and the built environment. We are made possible by the membership of practices large and small. If you and your practice believe architecture can effect positive change on  then join the AF today and be part of the campaign.

In addition to supporting the work of the Architecture Foundation members receive exclusive benefits.

    • Priority booking for all events and professional networking opportunities
    • Discounts on all AF publications
    • Discounted and free tickets to lectures and other events
    • Practice invitations to the AF's parties


Membership Donations

We ask all practices joining the Architecture Foundation to commit to a donation of at least £250. This money goes directly into supporting our ambitious projects. For practices with three or fewer staff an individual membership can cover the entire practice. For practices based outside of London we are pleased to suggested a reduced membership donation. Practices which operate as registered charities can become members of the Architecture Foundation for free.

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